Practices With Respect to Residential Foreclosure Sales

Allied Trustee Services (Allied) is a foreclosure trustee, and our role is to be a neutral third-party in foreclosure transactions that protects and respects the interests of all parties involved, in strict accordance with California law. As such, Allied may not provide advice or direction to bidders, potential bidders, or others beyond what the law allows. Allied does not have discretion to waive legal requirements.

Current status information about foreclosure sales Allied is handling is publicly available at the website of Stox Posting and Publishing ( Foreclosure sales of residential properties containing one to four units are governed by California Civil Code 2924m which sets forth additional procedures for such sales. The statute limits the information to be provided to persons considering whether to submit a bid or notice of intent to bid to the following:

  • The date on which the trustee’s sale took place.
  • The amount of the last and highest bid at the trustee’s sale.
  • An address at which the trustee can receive documents sent by United States mail and by a method of delivery providing for overnight delivery.

Our address for receiving notices of intent to bid and bids is:

Allied Trustee Services
990 Reserve Drive, Suite 208
Roseville, CA  95678

Notices of intent to bid (NOIs) and bids must be received in full compliance with current Civil Code requirements. Attention is drawn to new requirements that took effect January 1, 2023, resulting from Assembly Bill 1837.

Method of delivery of NOIs and bids

Civil Code 2924m(c)(3)(a) (and other sections below) specify these are to be “sent to the trustee by certified mail, overnight delivery, or other method that allows for confirmation of the delivery date.” Email is not acceptable as it does not allow confirmation of the delivery date to Allied. In addition, email messages can be misrouted or considered “spam” by our email provider and may not be received by Allied. Hand delivery to our office is acceptable.

Information about the 2924(m) post-auction process

Allied is unable to provide information about the requirements of the post-auction process beyond what is presented here. It is the responsibility of bidders and potential bidders to seek out their own legal advice.

Deadline dates falling on weekends or holidays

If a 15-day or 45-day deadline falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or California state holiday, the deadline will be extended to the following business day.

Requirement for a compliant bid

Civil Code 2924m(c)(4)(A) requires a bid to be in the form of cash or a cashier’s check.

Information about current bids

Allied will not release information about the status of post-auction bids, including whether NOIs have been received or information of bids received. You are encouraged to submit your best and highest bid.

Confirmation of received NOIs and bids

As a courtesy, Allied will attempt to send an email (if email address is provided) when an NOI or bid is received, either acknowledging the trustee has accepted or rejected the document. Allied accepts no liability for sending or ensuring receipt of such confirmations. Prospective bidders or bidders may contact Allied during business hours at 877-282-4991 or via email at if they wish to confirm receipt of their own documents.


Revised 1/26/2023