What We Do

Bringing together more than two decades of experience and the most modern technology and processing systems available, Allied Trustee Services provides efficient and accurate assessment collection and non-judicial foreclosure services. We work closely with property management groups, community association boards and their members to resolve even their most difficult delinquent accounts. Allied also offers customized account consultations to ensure that our service and debt recovery solutions are tailored to our clients’ needs.

Under the guidance of our own in-house legal counsel and highly experienced trustee management staff, Allied Trustee Services is the only trustee that offers a full array of customized services for community associations covering the entire spectrum of assessment collection, including:


Non-Judicial Foreclosure: Performance-based non-judicial foreclosure conducted under the Allied Advantage Service Agreement, which in most cases eliminates any fees and costs the association would face in collecting against a delinquent owner.*

Lien and Hold Only: Allied’s Lien and Hold service encumbers ownership title, without foreclosing against a delinquent owner.* The service includes the preparation of a Pre-Lien and the recordation of a Lien to secure the Association’s debt in the event of an owner’s bankruptcy or a lender foreclosure with surplus funds. The Association achieves payment under the Lien and Hold Service when the property is sold, refinanced or the owner wants to remove the Lien. The Lien & Hold Service restricts the Association’s actions to that of a more passive collection. Contact us before employing this service to obtain additional information and determine if this strategy is the fitting services for your community and the delinquent account.

Civil Recovery

Small Claims: Full administration, preparation and attendance for civil small claims cases under $5,000. Allied will fully administer and pursue a delinquent owner or prior owner in small claims court.* Our small claims options can give the association the opportunity to pursue accounts with amounts that are not enforceable under the non-judicial foreclosure process, amounts that stay perpetually below the statutory threshold for foreclosure, debts on over-encumbered properties, prior owner debts, and much more!

Superior Court: Allied’s Superior Court Program allows for the bulk filing of numerous delinquent accounts in a single, cost and time-efficient court action that is not hampered by the jurisdictional limitations of multiple small claims court cases. The program is designed to be used in a variety of debt recovery scenarios, but most typically where the association has several accounts in which the debt is over $5,000 and its lien or prior collection action has been extinguished by a lender’s foreclosure.*

Enforcement of Judgment: Allied’s Enforcement of Judgment Service allows associations to turn paper court judgments into hard cash–at no up-front cost to the association. This service is at no cost to association unless and until Allied recovers*. The service is designed for the cases where the prior collection action has resulted in a monetary judgment being entered following a successful Small Claims or Superior Court action, even if the judgment was not obtained by Allied.


MyAllied Online Portal Simplifies the Collection and Reporting Process

MyAllied was developed to simplify and coordinate the collection workflow process between Allied, property management partners, and/or the Association. Through a secure log-in environment, your property management teams, accounting personnel, and even HOA board members can get answers to their questions and accomplish many of their collection responsibilities, including:

  • Send and Update Property Association Information
  • Quickly Prepare and Save or Submit New Collection Orders
  • Access Real-Time Collection Account Information
  • Download Essential Collection Documentation
  • Generate Customized Status Reports and more!

Allied Trustee Services is dedicated to supporting you and the communities you serve. To learn more about how MyAllied can simplify your collection process, Request a Consultation with an Allied Trustee Services representative today!


Request for Notice Service: Notice recorded against each property within the community which requires lenders to inform the Association of a lender’s foreclosure within 15 days of the foreclosure sale and requires that within 30 days they record their Trustee’s Deed upon Sale (transfers ownership with the county recorder). Allied’s Request for Notice Service is a very inexpensive approach to ensure your kept abreast of foreclosures within your community.

Bankruptcy Monitoring: Comprehensive Chapter 13, Chapter 11 and Chapter 7 case docket monitoring with customized alerts for board response or legal action. Includes Proof of Claim preparation in Chapter 13 and Chapter 11 cases, Non-Payment Notification of post petition debt, and Bankruptcy Status updates through MyAllied or monthly reporting.

Senior Lender Monitoring: Tracking and reporting of senior lender foreclosure activity from the Notice of Default filing until the sale date, including: HOA junior lien consultation and follow-up and delivery of new ownership deeds.

Payment Plans: Complete payment plan administration, documentation, and monitoring of association approved plans. Allied offers ACH and other payment options for maximum debtor payment flexibility.

Title, Professional & Audit Services: Allied offers a wide array of professional and title services from title search and document preparation, trustee review and audit (non-Allied collection account review), to owner asset & location searches to name a few. Routinely we can provide these services at a much more reasonable rate than the vendors you would traditionally think of for these services. Contact us to get a quote!

*Subject to the specific terms and conditions of the Service Agreement

With this broad selection of recovery tools and expertise at our disposal, Allied is uniquely positioned to pursue a delinquent owner to the fullest extent permitted by law. We employ in-house Trustees, so we never use third-party trustee subcontractors! This winning combination has allowed Allied to successfully collect millions of dollars of delinquent debt on behalf of our clients.

As an Allied client, you will have 24/7 access to information on all of your accounts and online status reports through the MyAllied online portal located on this website. In addition, the Allied Client Services Team is at your disposal on our toll-free line Monday through Friday 9:00 am through 4:30 pm. Homeowners with questions about their accounts or who wish to arrange payment also have dedicated toll-free access to our Customer Services Department Monday through Friday 9:00 am through 4:30 pm.